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Entry Information


A complete entry is comprised of four (4) 750ml or nine (9) 375ml bottles. Distilled spirits entries such as brandy require three (3) 750ml or five (5) 375ml bottles. Grape varieties, residual sugar, appellation, vineyard designation, proprietary names, retail price and alcohol level must be listed on the entry form with each entry. Please fill out the entry form completely and accurately. The winery’s telephone number, email address and contact person are important. Winners will be notified shortly after the end of the competition by regular U.S. mail. Results also will be posted on the website at

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter each wine in the proper category. If a category does not exist for your wine, leave the category field blank and the Director will assign the wine to the correct category or create a new category, if necessary, using the varietal composition and residual sugar level as a guide.

Wines entered in the wrong category will be moved to the correct category by the Director. Enter the wine’s name as it appears on the label. The wine’s label will determine how the wine is identified to consumers and industry when awards are announced.

Entry Fees

Early Bird entry fee is $70 per wine competition entry / $125 per spirits competition entry for entries received before January 20, 2023.

The fee for wines entered after January 20th is $75 per wine competition entry / $150 per spirits competition entry.

Final deadline is February 10, 2023

Make checks payable to Salinas Valley Fair or complete and submit our credit card authorization form or enter online at Mail entry form and fees to: Salinas Valley Fair, 625 Division Street, King City, CA 93930.

Please direct any questions to Lauren Hamilton at 831-385-3243, [email protected] or Rich Cook, Competition Director at 760-522-3167, [email protected].

Entering Online

You can enter your wines and pay your fees directly through the links above. If you are a first time user of enofile, click on “REGISTER” in the upper right area of the page at to create a profile. Once you’re signed in, select Monterey International Wine Competition and enter your wines. If you have trouble, please contact Director Rich Cook for assistance.

Welcome to the 2023 Monterey International Wine & Spirits Competition

You are cordially invited to enter the 30th annual Monterey Wine Competition, an international wine competition to be held at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds on March 11-12, 2023.

What is it that makes Monterey unique among competitions and worthy of your consideration? This year we will again be including scores on all wines rated Gold or above for use in your marketing strategy. I’ve found in my discussions with wineries that awards are a useful tool in the tasting room and on shelf talkers, but that the power of a two-digit score in today’s age of social media is of significant value to wineries that have implemented such strategies into their overall marketing plan. We’re offering both, so you can use whatever combination works best for you.

While the event is called a competition, we are very careful to ensure that wines are evaluated in their own context – in other words, we’re not out to say that this particular wine is “better” than that particular wine. It is our sincere desire to celebrate high quality wines of all styles, from all regions of the world.

Our judges are experienced tasters that have significant experience in the industry, running the gamut from marketing consultants that represent large wine portfolios to Master Sommeliers. Judges will be added as we approach the competition – check our website for the most current list. Our special awards will include the Best of Monterey County, Wine of the Year, Winery of the Year and some unique Director’s Awards. In addition, award winners will be poured at our Grand Tasting at the Salinas Valley Fair in May.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Monterey International Wine Competition – we hope that it’s a fit for your marketing strategy, and we look forward to celebrating your winemaking achievements!


Rich Cook, Director & Chief Judge

Rich Cook, CEO, Man in his 50's with a bald head and a gray goatee wearing a maroon plaid dress shirt

2023 Awards

The 2023 Monterey International Wine & Spirits Competition has concluded.

Congratulations and thank you to all producers who participated. We look forward to celebrating your wines and spirits at the 2023 Salinas Valley Fair Grand Tasting.
Winners can download digital official competition award badges below.


Winery Of The Year

Wakefield / Taylors


Spirit of the year 23

Spirit Of The Year

Familia Camarena

“Guadalupe” Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Port Cask Finished, 2021 Release

2019 Furthermore Pinot Noir

Best Of Monterey

Furthermore Wines

2019 Pinot Noir

Rossella's Vineyard
Santa Lucia Highlands

2019 Furthermore Pinot Noir

Wine Of The Year

Furthermore Wines

2019 Pinot Noir

Rossella's Vineyard
Santa Lucia Highlands

Award Winner Badges

Winners can download badges to display proudly.
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Monterey Wine Competition Platinum award
Monterey Wine Competition Gold award
Monterey Wine Competition Silver award
Monterey International Spirits Competition Platinum
Monterey International Spirits Competition Gold
Monterey International Spirits Competition Silver

Our Judges

Wayne Belding

Wayne Belding

Master Sommelier, Boulder, CO

Kimberly Charles

Master Sommelier, Boulder, CO

Dr. Valery Uhl

Dr. Valery Uhl

Master Sommelier, Boulder, CO


WALT Wines, Sonoma, CA



Director/Co-Winemaker, Lazarre Wine


Noble Vines, San Bernabe, CA


Owner/Winemaker, Ranhero Cellars, Paso Robles, Ca


Wine Writer/Author, Bakersfield, CA



WSET Advanced, Henry Wine Group, San Diego, CA


Owner/Winemaker, Idle Hour Winery, Carmel Valley, CA


Winemaker, Niner Wines, Paso Robles, CA


Subject to Change Wine Co. Oakland, CA


Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Calistoga, CA

Laura Ness


Wine Writer, Monterey, CA


Lazarre Wines, Paso Robles, CA


Consulting Winemaker, Santa Rose, CA

Tim McDonald


Wine & Spirits Spoken Here



The Competition


Judges will award Silver honors to wines that demonstrate above average character for the wine type and place of origin. Gold honors will be awarded to wines that rise above a straightforward recommendation. Platinum awards will be reserved for wines that are the best of the best as selected by our judges. Judges will taste all wines blind, but may ask for information about place of origin or grape varieties included in a blend. Producer, price and vintage will not be disclosed until the close of the competition. The Director may, at his discretion, recognize outstanding performances by an individual winery or importer following tabulation of all results. Awards will be announced at and by regular mail.


  1. To qualify for entry in the 2022 Monterey Wine Competition a wine must have been produced for commercial sale. Homemade wines will not be accepted for judging.
  2. Each wine’s category will be determined by information on the label.
  3. The decision of the judges is final.
  4. The Director reserves the right to create new categories as entries warrant.
  5. Four (4) 750ml or six (6) 375ml bottles comprise a wine entry.
  6. All wines entered must be received by March 6th, 2022.
  7. Make checks payable to Salinas Valley Fair or complete and submit credit card authorization form.

International Wines: The 2022 Monterey Wine Competition accepts entries from commercial wineries worldwide.

Spirits: We are accepting spirits entries as a new aspect of our competition – please visit to enter spirits – we’re taking all types and origins, mixers and premixed cocktails in any format.  Cheers!


Lauren Hamilton
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Rich Cook, Director
E-mail Here

Chief Executive Officer: Lauren Hamilton (Acting)

Competition Director: Rich Cook

Cellar Master: Janice D’Arcy

Staging Manager: Kevin Piearcy

Entries & Payments: Lauren Hamilton

Volunteer Coodinator: Terry Lewis

Chief Executive Officer: Lauren Hamilton (Acting)